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Premier Academy

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Our premier level teams are focused on developing the top talent. We do this by using our extensive knowledge of the game, an outlined training path, and passionate professional coaching. 

We tell our parents that they should expect their children to not only develop on the field but grow in areas such as discipline, focus, and hard work. These are essential to becoming the best soccer player possible.  Let's work towards building the best and the brightest, both on the field and off the field. 

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Nico Samaniego: [email protected]

Development Process

Early Childhood Premier Academy

Ages: 5 - 7

Youth Premier Academy

Ages 8 - 10

Junior Premier Academy

Ages 11 - 14

Premier Academy

Ages 15 - 18

Nico Samaniego:[email protected]

Premier Soccer Club Procedures & Policies

Find important information regarding the premier academy to ensure we are doing everything towards facilitating the success of your child. 

Member Code of Conduct

Attendance Policy

Expectations of Players